Carbon Balanced Paper

We're proud to be part of the Carbon Balanced Paper initiative created by CarbonCO, in partnership with international conservation charity World Land Trust (WLT)


Alongside our supplier Antalis UK, we’re committed to providing a simple way to help reduce the carbon impact of your marketing communications. We are focused on reducing not just our carbon footprint but also helping our clients reduce theirs.

What is Carbon Balanced Paper?

Carbon balanced paper is where the carbon impact of a paper product has been estimated and balanced. To “offset” this, development of forestry that is under threat allows the preservation of the carbon that would have been lost.

With Antalis you can be sure that the right trees were planted,  in the the right way to help preserve endangered rainforests and habitats.


Carbon management is good for the planet and for business. With the ever increasing focus on limiting their effects on climate change by reducing carbon impacts throughout the supply chain. Carbon Balanced Paper is a simple choice and has proved to be a popular way to add real value to your business by means of a credible way to reduce the carbon emissions.

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